Run Like a Girl

Scene #1 – A Bowling Alley

As a natural athlete, a teenage girl goes bowling with her boyfriend who is new to the world of bowling shoes and this popular Michigan social activity. As the two played against each other, the distance between their scores grew wider as the girl consistently threw strikes and spares. But just when you thought that the girl was going to leave her boyfriend in the dust, a strange thing happened…

Suddenly, this over-achieving natural athlete started throwing gutter balls – laughing it off to having an off-day. It didn’t take long for her boyfriend to catch up to his girlfriend, and pass her by on his way to a winning day at the bowling alley. He, after all, had no problem with the notion of beating a girl at bowling.

Next is a similar scenario, but with a very different outcome…

Scene #2 – The Golf Course

With the encouragement of her boyfriend, a young lady decides to take up golf. After hitting the links with a borrowed driver and a 7 iron, this recent college grad not only kept up with her golf-crazy boyfriend, she actually had fun. Who has fun their first time out on a golf course?!

As she packed up her clubs after 12 holes on a 9-hole course, her boyfriend reassured her that she had it in her to be as great as any female golfer. To which she replied, “What do you mean, ‘female golfer?’ I can be as good as ANY man.”

With that declaration, I could not be more relieved to hear that not only is feminism ‘Not Dead’ with the next generation, but appears to be thriving. As the mother of two boys, I missed out on being part of a young girl’s growth into learning who she is, and what she can become, but I was able to view it from a distance through my children’s friends – and it wasn’t always positive, but it was definitely enlightening.

Today, as young girls grow up in a world that still throws gender bias around like a Frisbee, I want to believe that we adults are teaching our children (girls AND boys) to realize the capability of everyone. This year, the voting public will have the opportunity to elect the first woman ever for President of the United States. Whether you consider yourself Republican, Democrat, Independent or other, hopefully we can all realize the historical significance of this moment, and embrace the celebration of not only having a woman on a major party ticket, but having her win! Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton has faced a serious backlash from many women who find her unlikeable, perhaps forgetting that these same characteristics would be seen as signs of strength in a man.

Here’s a thought… As we go to the polls this November, let’s hope that the next generation is paying attention, and that more girls will say, “That’s what I want to be!”

Be like Hillary, and run like a girl!

Heidi McCrary

Writer & Advertising Goddess