Station Eleven… A 60-Second Book Review


Book coverHow would you fare in a post-apocalyptic world? Could you move beyond losing everyone and everything in the blink of an eye?

After a pandemic flu wipes out 99.99% of the population, Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel focuses on a handful of people leading up to and after the apocalypse. As their lives intersect at times, we learn who survives, and whether living in the new world is a blessing or curse…or both.

Character-driven and with a heroine that could challenge Katniss of The Hunger Games, Station Eleven gives us a glimpse of the strength that sometimes lays dormant within us. West Michiganders are given an extra treat as a band of survivors travel the shores of Lake Michigan.  A thought-provoking summer read…and read best by candlelight.

60-Second Book Review

By Heidi McCrary

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