I Just Discovered This Feature on Facebook, and it’s Killing me!

You know how Facebook is awesome about protecting your privacy? You can UNLIKE someone, and it won’t send any sort of alarms to the person on the other side. It doesn’t go, “Hey! Someone you thought was your friend just decided they’ve had enough of you!” No, it just quietly detaches your connection with your ex-cyber-friend.

Facebook is kind, in that it even allows us to hit the pause on someone if we’re feeling overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) with a friend’s posting activity. You can hit pause, and the friend never has to know. It’s a win-win—you get to take a break from so-and-so, and they’re blissfully unaware of your mini-vacation from them.

Facebook World was all roses and sunshine for me until I stumbled upon this particular feature on my AUTHOR PAGE. Keep in mind that this is a professional page, and different from my personal page. This is where I share my writing and posts that are more thought-provoking in nature.

And this is where I found this feature…

Negative FeedbackUnder posts on a professional page, it lists the number of people you reached. If you click on the blue 60 people reached, a Performance for Your Post pops up. You get stuff like how many LIKES and LINK CLICKS you got—all good, right? But if you scroll down, you’ll see the section called, NEGATIVE FEEDBACK. This is a horrible horrible piece of feedback that I don’t need, because while I know it happens, I don’t need to actually see that there are people who are HIDING my posts! Who needs to know that? Facebook doesn’t even pretend that this isn’t the meanest feature ever created, since it’s called NEGATIVE FEEDBACK.

I may never post again…