Now I See… A Tale of Two Salespeople

I looked at my glasses, which had just previously rested on the top of my head. With one of the temples (the arm of the glasses frame) turned at a 90 degree angle, I contemplated the chances of the temple surviving my attempt to bend it back into place. Even as it withstood the bend back, I could see the break, and knew the temple would soon snap into two detached pieces.

I have always taken my business to RX Optical, and as I talked to the salesperson at the location nearest me, I reiterated my loyalty to the store, and explained my current dilemma, and my request for a new temple.  

“I’m sorry,” she explained. “We can’t replace a part; we have to replace the whole frame.” After looking at my purchase history, she continued. “You purchased your frames in May of 2018, so your 2-year warranty has expired. You will also want a new eye exam since we request that they be made every two years. You have insurance for that right?”

She then continued to schedule an examination for me for a month down the road, even with my insistence that my frame wasn’t going to make it another 30 days, and I feared having to wear taped-up glasses. I hung up the phone, realizing that I would now be down hundreds of dollars for what I had hoped would be the replacement of a simple part.

Something wasn’t right here. I knew there was a better way for this tale to end, so I picked up the phone again. But this time, I called the RX Optical located in the Oakwood Plaza, and had the pleasure of talking with Paige Miller.  

“I’ve looked up your records,” Ms. Miller said. “And it shows that your 25-month warranty ends in just a few days, so you’re good! We have your frame in-stock so come on in whenever you want, and we’ll switch it out for you.”

I won’t remark on the first salesperson because I don’t know if she is the product of bad sales practices or more aptly, poor training.  I will however applaud the actions of Paige Miller, who didn’t feel the need to sell me a car when all I needed were new tires.

Sometimes it helps to be that squeaky wheel.

Heidi McCrary is a writer and a regular contributor to Women’s LifeStyle. Look for her debut novel, Chasing North Star in the fall of 2020. Follow Heidi at and