:60 Movie Review – JUDY

After the Yellow Brick Road…

Based on the life of Judy Garland, the movie Judy, stars Renée Zellweger in the title role, and follows Garland’s later years as she attempts to jumpstart a stalled career by taking advantage of her still-adoring fans in London, England.

Zellweger chews through each scene with all the subtlety of a 1940’s screen-diva… and it works. She disappears into her character, allowing us to lose ourselves as we watch the last hurrah of Judy Garland’s life in the limelight. We’re also treated to several flashbacks of Garland in her younger years, giving us a glimpse into the hardship she experienced growing up under the microscope of Hollywood, which had little regard for children. Judy is a beautiful, sad story, and one that will have you watching The Wizard of Oz in a new harsh light.

Side note: that’s actually Zellweger singing most of the tunes, garnering her an Oscar win for Best Actress. Judy is available now as part of Amazon Prime subscription.    

By Heidi McCrary.

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