Well, the woman in the foreground is interesting…

Long before I was born, the barn we played in was originally the Alamo Valley Creamery, owned by our grandparents, and the largest employer in Alamo in 1897. There are very few photos of the creamery, however, with a simple Google search, we happened upon this… A painting by Post-Modernist artist, Richard Allen George (Illinois/Ohio 1935-1990).       

This original work depicts The Alamo Valley Creamery. In the foreground, a shapely nude woman in stiletto heels can be seen feeding chickens from a bucket while coverall clad dairy farmers look on in the distance. The work is rendered in a palette of muted neons and is signed in lower right. The artwork sold for $1,910.00.

One response to “Well, the woman in the foreground is interesting…”

  1. I’m currently reading your book right now. I was so excited to read it as I myself grew up in Alamo. I am 4 years younger than you but for some reason I knew exactly where you lived (maybe because of playing with friends in the neighborhood) when I was told about your book. And I lived in one of the houses you talked about which made me call my mother even tho I knew we moved in after the people you talked about. But that is what made it so exciting. So for me I am constantly trying to figure out who is who haha. My uncles lived in the town also and we know how big it is. But I just wanted you to know I am really enjoying your book and it always helps to hear real stories so that we can understand people better! And I didn’t move very far away either :). Enjoyed the YouTube video also.

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