A new spin on an old story If you recall where you were when you first heard the news that Elvis died, this movie is for you. And if you only know Elvis through your mother or grandmother, it’s time you learned why they never threw those vinyl records away. While there have been other […]


    This family could have lived in Alamo Just in time for the Golden Globes and Academy Awards season, Steven Spielberg finally brings his inspiration for “E.T.” and his many other blockbuster films to the screen. With “The Fabelmans,” we are introduced to Spielberg’s family during the early fifties, when holidays and other family moments were […]


    Having just started working at the local TV station, I was still infatuated with the news personalities I would occasionally run into in the hallways and holiday parties. One gentleman in particular was an on-air talent who apparently noticed me as well. Working in the sales department, I had the perk of handling a few […]

  • My 3 Months in Car Sales

    (Or as I prefer calling it, eternity) I’m not sure why, but for a crazy moment in 1990 I decided to derail my career in TV advertising sales for the lucrative career in car sales. Knowing little about cars and the auto industry in general, I razzle-dazzled my way into a local car dealership that […]

  • HOMELAND – Best ending EVER

    “Seriously, you have to watch this show,” my friend assured me. “You’re going to love it.” And immediately, two years later, my husband and I sat down to watch the first episode. It didn’t take long before we were hooked and devoured all eight seasons. If you enjoyed “The Americans,” you owe it to yourself […]

  •               REVIEW – THE MOTHER-IN-LAW

    It appears I have a “type” when it comes to fiction, so when my sister handed me a book she had just finished, with her recommendation that included the words, “…dysfunctional family,” I knew I had to read it. The Mother-in-Law by bestselling author, Sally Hepworth, examines the dynamics of daughter / mother-in-law by providing […]

  • 8 Things to do in the Zoo this Fall

    (For little or no money) We’ve all seen those Best of lists—The 10 funniest comedies of the nineties, the friendliest town in every state, quirkiest museums in Michigan, even best dysfunctional-family books to read with wine (Full discloser – I wrote that last one). It’s what the social media world calls Clickbait, and yes, we […]

  • The “Golden” Prize at the County Fair

    As a child growing up in Alamo, harvest season signaled families throughout the area to pile into station wagons for the annual trek to the Allegan County Fair, where food, rides and attractions attacked our senses in delightful chaotic fashion. Over the course of the evening, our family would inevitably end up at The Mouse […]

  • Saying Goodbye to the Pearson Family

    “This is Us” comes to an end, and why I’ll miss Rebecca most They have been weekly guests in my home for the last seven years—before COVID was a word, and before Apple TV, Paramount, and YouTube TV were viewing options. Sometimes the visits were heartwarming and fun, but more often, our family gatherings around […]

  • Feeding Your Writing Addiction

    And how to extend your book’s 15-minute shelf life If you’re currently clutching a half-written manuscript or in possession of the first seven pages of what you’ve deemed the next best-seller, you might have caught yourself daydreaming of that day when your polished novel is presented to the world. And the world rejoices. You kick […]

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