Literary Agents

  • Speed Dating in the Literary World

    Pitching to Literary Agents – Round II With one year under my belt, I felt a false superiority over the woman ahead of me in the registration line, juggling her phone and handbag in one hand while trying to unfold the day’s itinerary in the other. “So, where are you from?” I asked, trying to calm […]

  • Kill the Sister

    When Your Editor Tells You There Are One Too Many Siblings The further I get into the writing process of my novel, CHASING CRAZY, the further away I am from being finished. Let that resonate. Feel free to read it again—I’ll wait. I wrote down the first words for CHASING CRAZY on August 25, 2013. As […]

  • WANTED…One good agent. Must be a little crazy.

  • Pitching an Agent – Speed Dating in the Literary World

    This past weekend, writers from throughout the region participated  in the Writing Workshop of Chicago – a well-run machine that teams up writers, authors and agents with a series of workshops, panel discussions and pitches. If you’ve never pitched an agent in person, let me explain the process… Dot a hotel conference room with a multitude of […]