THE WALTONS: HOMECOMING – a 60 Second Movie Review WARNING: REVIEW CONTAINS PISS ANT SPOILER When the CW announced recently that the beloved TV series, The Waltons would be receiving a reboot on their network, old people throughout the world rejoiced, and every young person went, “Huh?” Never mind that. So, after trumpeting the news…

  • MOM… Because FRIENDS was already taken

    After eight years, the CBS sitcom, MOM, is ending it’s run this May. I know 2021 is supposed to be about new beginnings, but I’m not ready to let go of these women I have grown to love. The premise of MOM was originally about a daughter and her mother, who were both recovering alcoholics,…

  • Little Movies Everywhere

    Little Movies Everywhere

    Having read the best-selling novel two years ago, I was looking forward to seeing this film. After all, nothing is more entertaining than reading about a rich family falling down a dark rabbit hole.

  • Placing a Red Bow on Downton Abbey

    Why Some Stories Don’t Need a Reboot “So,” I said, turning to my friend as the credits rolled up the movie screen. “Did you like it?” The “it” I was referring to, was the movie adaptation of Downton Abbey, the British TV series broadcast as part of PBS Masterpiece Theatre. The series ran for six…