Women’s Rights

  • She Means Business…

    She Means Business…

    Below, is a photo of women… These women live in the Kalamazoo area and either own their own business or are part of a team that employs and appreciates what women bring to the table. A quick glance at this group shows a wide swath of personalities, backgrounds, and lifestyles. No two are the same […]

  • What’s a Girl to do?

    Does everyone lose when girls are forced to choose between Girl Scouts and the all new Scouts?   With the simple removal of one word, a firestorm opened up on a centuries-old organization known for helping boys build campfires and character. After recent years of facing criticism and opposition from the socially-minded community for suppressing […]

  • Still a Man’s World

    “My name is Heidi McCrary,” I explained to the guy on the other end of the phone. I was calling the pro shop at a popular golf course in the area, looking for a well-known golf instructor.  “If you could please have him call me. I would like to buy a set of clubs.” I […]

  • New Mace for Women!

    Came across this today at the checkout counter at the local Field & Stream… Finally, Mace has introduced their product in Hot Pink so that we fragile ladies can now protect ourselves. Thank god they realized that women are unable to operate tools that do not come in pink. Interesting to note that Mace also […]