• Golf and the Covid Equation

    And why the death of golf has been greatly exaggerated “Good morning,” I said as the door opened, revealing a young woman pulling her mask up over her mouth. She hesitated, looking at the variety of golf attire, clubs, and accessories in the pro shop. As she made her way to the counter, I could […]

  • Still a Man’s World

    “My name is Heidi McCrary,” I explained to the guy on the other end of the phone. I was calling the pro shop at a popular golf course in the area, looking for a well-known golf instructor.  “If you could please have him call me. I would like to buy a set of clubs.” I […]

  • Hold my Wine While I Putt

    Maybe it was the nine-iron that Elin Woods lovingly planted into the side of Tiger’s Jeep as her world-famous husband tried to flee the scene that made me realize that women and men view golf quite differently. As Tiger Woods’ fall from grace parlayed into his disappearance from televised golf tournaments, public interest in golf […]

  • Hurry… While Supplies Last

    It’s common practice for online companies to suggest products based on past purchases or web searches, so it didn’t surprise me to find an email in my inbox from Amazon. With my marketing background, I’m totally good with that. And then I look at the product Amazon thought I would like…  Amazon reasoned that because […]