60 Second Movie Review – RADIUM GIRLS

For those of you who remember analog watches, you’ll recall how many glowed in the dark. I would camp out in the closet of my bedroom, watching the soft glow of my watch, staring in wonderment at the neon light—dreaming of acquiring a jar of the paint so that I could add it to my clothes and radiate in the dark like a shimmering fashion model. As I grew older, my time-piece eventually became digital, and I gave little thought to my glowing memories of my watch that glistened in the dark.    

Radium Girls – a movie that premiered on Netflix this past December is a movie based on the true story of a group of young ladies working in a factory in the 1920s, painting radium onto the faces of watches. Told the substance was harmless, they licked the brushes with each stroke in order to give the brushes a fine tip. Off-hours, they also added the glowing paint to their fingernails and faces, believing what they had been told by factory management, that radium was healthy.    

A powerful story that shines a light on a true-life event, and the women who fought to reveal the deadly effects of radium. Radium Girls is a must-watch.