The Glass Castle

  • Little Movies Everywhere

    Little Movies Everywhere

    Having read the best-selling novel two years ago, I was looking forward to seeing this film. After all, nothing is more entertaining than reading about a rich family falling down a dark rabbit hole.

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    Why Some Stories Don’t Need a Reboot “So,” I said, turning to my friend as the credits rolled up the movie screen. “Did you like it?” The “it” I was referring to, was the movie adaptation of Downton Abbey, the British TV series broadcast as part of PBS Masterpiece Theatre. The series ran for six…

  • The Glass Castle Review

    And what the movie got wrong. When I look at the Jackson Pollock painting, Autumn Rythm, I see a frantic chorus of dancing energy. Some fans of his work see a darker tone in the brushstrokes, while others call B.S., seeing his creative effort as gimmicky and without merit. No one viewpoint is right or…