Ypsilanti Mental Institution Setting for Dark Comedy Starring Richard Gere

THREE CHRISTS OF YPSILANTI, a movie starring Richard Gere, is currently premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival. In case you caught that last word in the movie’s title, you are correct in assuming that it is in reference to the city in Michigan which is located southeast of Ann Arbor, and home of Eastern Michigan University.

Based on a true story, and adapted from a book written by Milton Rokeach, the movie is set in the 60’s, and tells the story of a doctor who is treating three schizophrenic patients in the Ypsilanti State Hospital, each of whom believes he is Jesus Christ.

Two things…

How did I not hear about Richard Gere starring in a movie based on a true story that took place in Ypsilanti?! And how did I miss the book? While the movie is currently playing in Toronto, I certainly hope we’ll be able to see it closer to home. How about it, Waterfront Film Festival, or new theatre opening soon in Downtown Kalamazoo? Also starring Peter Dinklage and Julianna Margulies, THREE CHRISTS OF YPSILANTI should, if nothing else, deliver with great acting.

But more incredible, how in the world is it that I have never heard about the Ypsilanti State Hospital? The mental institution opened in 1931 and was designed for care of the insane and stayed open until 1991. The property was later demolished in 2008. As a frequent visitor to mental institutions, I’m surprised that I never spent time in the lobby of the Ypsilanti State Hospital, and more surprised that my mother wasn’t a guest at this fine establishment.

THREE CHRISTS OF YPSILANTI is described as an American drama / dark comedy… sounds right to me.

MLive article on the movie, along with a photo gallery of the Ypsilanti State Hospital can be found at http://bit.ly/2xbPHkI