Heidi McCrary – Author of Chasing Crazy

Heidi - July 2019Writer, columnist, blog activist and soon-to-be novelist. Debut novel slated for publication with She Works Press in fall of 2020. Stay tuned…

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Chasing Crazy … A coming-of-age story of two young girls from different eras, and the tragic link that connects them. Smart writing with surprising humor. An excellent Book Club read.

Germany 1940—Young Didi struggles to survive in a world where friends disappear in the night, and her mother, unable to cope as a single parent, sends Didi to the local orphanage. Alone and scared, Didi soon crosses paths with a rebellious quirky girl who will either help her escape a life of abuse and uncertainty or lead her down an even darker path.

Fast-forward to 1970 where a young girl and her siblings are enjoying the pop culture of the time—listening to James Taylor on the transistor radio and watching the new Mary Tyler Moore Show on the neighbor’s color television set. But beyond the Stingray bicycles and Lawn Jarts, a secret hides within the house.

With help from a worn leather journal, this girl learns the story of Didi, who escaped war-torn Germany for a better life in America, except her life didn’t turn out as expected. A connection links these two, and their stories intertwine, eventually colliding on one Christmas night when Didi, all grown up, finally remembers the secret she buried long ago, and the consequences of running from her sanity.