So you’ve written a book…

So you've written a bookDay 30 in my search for an agent who is worthy of representing me.  As I learn the ropes of this second step (the first, being, writing the damn thing), I have avoided the urge of feeling rejected and sorry for myself.  Even though I am new to the party, I’m quite aware that the journey to traditional publication is a long one…

And worth every moment I’ve spent staring at the in-box.

I was reminded today as to why I decided to forgo self-publishing in lieu of going the traditional route – hoping an agent will represent me, praying for publication, and trusting that people will eventually buy my book. It takes gobs of time, oodles of work, loads of optimism, skillful writing (and I’m not talking about the book), passion, good timing, luck, and blah, blah, blah…

A friend of mine is feeling frustrated with the progression of her self-published book – or rather, the lack of progress. After hearing from others that the traditional route is difficult and takes  forever, she did what many writers are doing today – she went with self-publishing. “Pay for your books, sell them yourself, and make lots and lots of money.” Except she’s learning that nothing is ever that simple, and she has learned the hard way that self-publication can be very expensive. Not only is her self-publisher ala carting her to death, (Oh, you want a front AND back cover?) they have suddenly become quiet at her request that people have purchased her book on Amazon, and she has yet to see any form of royalties.

She is frustrated and tired, and I feel her pain. So, how am I feeling, after yet another day of silence from all of the agents in the universe that I am querying?

Pretty damn good.

Heidi McCrary / Author & Advertising Goddess

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