It appears I have a “type” when it comes to fiction, so when my sister handed me a book she had just finished, with her recommendation that included the words, “…dysfunctional family,” I knew I had to read it. The Mother-in-Law by bestselling author, Sally Hepworth, examines the dynamics of daughter / mother-in-law by providing viewpoints from the two main characters. The dual narrative allows us to see just how perspective is everything, and how the same story traveled down different paths can lead to entirely different outcomes. Part mystery, part character-study, The Mother-in-Law is captivating, biting, and oh, so relatable. Give it a read and perhaps it’ll have you looking at your own mother-in-law differently. Or maybe not…

Heidi McCrary is a writer and author of the novel, Chasing North Star – available at Kazoo Books, This is a Bookstore, and online wherever books are sold. Follow Heidi at and

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