Women Talking. Not that one, the other one…

If you had Cable TV anytime during the last twenty years, you no doubt came across Double Jeopardy, a movie that seemed to be playing on as many channels as Pretty Woman. This smart thriller starred Ashley Judd as a woman trying to stay one step ahead of her parole officer, played by Tommy Lee Jones. Not surprisingly, the movie role put Judd on the A List in Hollywood. She followed up with a couple of other movies roles and…


Turns out, Judd didn’t suddenly fall out favor with movie audiences, she fell out favor with Harvey Weinstein, powerful movie mogul and rapist. In what was apparently the worst-kept secret in Hollywood, Weinstein assaulted a multitude of women, from assistants to famous actresses, with over 80 women coming forward after the New York Times broke the story of Weinstein’s criminal activities. With help from a few brave women, including Ashley Judd, Weinstein is now serving a 23-year sentence in prison.

Ashley Judd’s career came to a standstill because she refused Weinstein’s advances. Many others were too scared, young or unable to say, “No.” Ironically (or not), the film detailing the New York Time’s exposé on Weinstein, She Said has been snubbed by every film awards organization, maybe hitting a little too close to home. You can rent She Said now on Amazon Prime for $5.99.

If you think the “Me Too” movement was an overreaction, please educate yourself by revisiting this moment in time when women spoke up and were finally heard. She Said should be required reading or viewing in every high school.        

One response to “Women Talking. Not that one, the other one…”

  1. Heidi…I so profoundly agree. I have a HUGE concern with this subject being available for teen eyes and awareness with this movement of selective “book banning.” If people in a school district object to certain subjects (often times without actual FACTS) they can be loud enough to squelch valuable information that helps kids be informed, healthy and well rounded. Within this approach there seems to be a desire to not just ban books but to rewrite books in order to sanitize the truth. Most disturbing is the desire to rewrite history, whose subjects have foundation in historical fact. This is not a time for less ideas and less discussion…it is a vital time we open our awareness to this growing and changing world.


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