MOM… Because FRIENDS was already taken

After eight years, the CBS sitcom, MOM, is ending it’s run this May. I know 2021 is supposed to be about new beginnings, but I’m not ready to let go of these women I have grown to love. The premise of MOM was originally about a daughter and her mother, who were both recovering alcoholics, and the daughter’s trials raising her own children. Starring Anna Faris and Allison Janney, this comedy’s first episode included a drug joke told by Janney in front of her grandchildren. How funny, I thought. Nothing says “family fun” like grandma telling drug jokes. Apparently, the people behind the scenes agreed with me, and it didn’t take long before the children took a back seat, and in TV magic, simply disappeared, leaving mom and daughter, and their friends at the AA meetings where they regularly went to maintain their sobriety.

And that’s when we all got to know and learned to love that ragtag team of women, who, flaws and all, are always there for one another. The writing for this show is sharp, the humor has bite, and most important, it continues to be heartwarming without being overly sappy. These are the type of women I would like to have a drink with, and by drink, I mean a cup of coffee. Strong coffee.

Bonnie, Christy, Jill, Marjorie, Beth, Tammy … I’m going to miss you gals. Hopefully, we can catch up again someday on Netflix.